The Highest Quality Raw Material

All of our products are made out of the finest, pure New Zealand wool fiber.  Because it is the whitest available, New Zealand wool takes dye exceptionally well, resulting in pure colours.

Unique Yarn Specifications

Our yarns are custom-felted to a unique specification, which allows us to totally expand the textural boundaries of our products.  The quality and durability of our exclusively felted yarns are unmatched in today’s global marketplace.

Customer Service

We operate out of a state of the art manufacturing facility in where we pride ourselves on quality, accuracy and a world-class lead time.


It is our policy to ensure that our activities have a low impact on the environment.  Our wool rugs and carpets are sustainable, recyclable & biodegradable, they also naturally offer the following benefits:

– a high level of stain resistance     

– inherent fire retardancy      

– humidity regulating                     

 – static free comfort                              

– noise reducing                                  

– hypoallergenic, filter unwanted toxins & odors