Kathaleen Bartha

Since graduating from Sheridan School of Design in Canada in the 1970’s Kathaleen has had hands on experience across a wealth of mediums including painting, printmaking, bronze casting and graphic design.  During the past several decades Kathaleen has been engaged in activities working in the environment, sailing and developing her design skills for interior decorating applications including digital glass installations and fabric design.  Kathaleen is influenced and inspired by the sea and the marine environment.  As she explains, “Currently my partner and I (a yacht captain) live on our boat in Nelson.
Living by the sea enables us to live more in harmony with the natural elements.”
“Flying fish, light and water are recurring themes in my work where I continue to explore the reflective and dynamic qualities of light and movement.”
In Kathaleen‘s work, the multi-layering of imagery, translucency and effervescent glow add a spatial quality, giving her work a visual depth.